• This template is named "LAZULI", because the predominant blue color and the name of a semi-precious stone called "LAPIS LAZULI";
  • This template is W3C compliant, valid XHTML 1.0 STRICT and valid CSS 2;
  • The users are able to choose from a FIXED (900px) site width or a VARIABLE (90%) site width. By default, it is set to VARIABLE site width - this way, no matter wich is your screen resolution the site will fit at your screen (at the top of the "style_main.css" stylesheet file you can modify this setting);
  • This template were written having in mind the possibility to be easily customized - so almost all template files have its own stylesheet. Editing just 6 image files plus a logo file, you can change everything with new settings at the stylesheets;
  • This template is "Multilingual Ready", just because we reserved a top right row to place flags. Inside the "images" directory you will find 247 flags;
  • This template opens with "Search Listings" link, a page with a small AJAX code: "SprySlidingPanels" from Spry Prerelease 1.6.1 Framework;
  • Have fun! :)